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Panther Chameleons.





"The Cham Consultant"


With this subscription, you will basically have an experienced panther chameleon breeder (myself) on "retainer" to help answer/solve any specific chameleon husbandry questions, issues, and/or concerns you may have.


I will hold these LIVE online sessions tri-weekly (e.g. M/W/Sun) for 1-2hrs every week via Zoom. All sessions are recorded & transcribed, so subscribers will have access anytime to past Zoom videos!


This will serve as place where fellow chameleon hobbyist/breeders (beginner-experienced) can learn and share their experiences with myself and others. There is a lot of "bad"/conflicting chameleon husbandry information out there, so I'm here for you guys! I promise you will never feel lost w/ no one to come to for help in this hobby again, nor will you have to leave questions unasked or issues unheard in fear of being "ridiculed,"feeling stupid, or bullied like you would for reaching out for help on the online Facebook groups (don't worry, they're mostly charlatans anyways).


I got you guys, for real.


- 3x a week (e.g. Mon/Weds/Sun): 6-8pm [PST] *check calendar*

- LIVE via Zoom

- Only subscribers may join in the sessions

- I will answer any specific Qs you have or issues you're experiencing

- Other subscribers will most likely be experiencing similar problems, and have similar Qs you have (or didn't think of), so this will be a very healthy learning environment.

- For Beginner to Experienced hobbyists and/or Breeders

- Each subscriber will get a 15min PERSONAL 1 on 1 Facetime call w/ me every week too!

I will contact each subscriber individually with instructions on how to join our Zoom sessions.

SUBSCRIPTION START DATE: November 10, 2020 (11/10/20)


Please Contact Don (415-509-5466) for any questions!