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I really LOVE this pairing from Wave Rider (sire) & Fire Stomper (dam's sire)! Wave Rider is hands down a customer favorite, and one of our most unique RBBBB (red body blue bar) Ambilobes: he has tons of blue barring covering his whole body/face! His "high-blues" & RBBB influence from his parents are going to be KILLER when paired with Fire Stomper.  Fire Stomper is what I would consider an "ideal RBBB" (purely red body with blue barring).


This boy has a bit of an attitude! Nevertheless, he has currently has an array of crazy bright colors (reds, oranges, blues, greens, yellow) that should should go mostly red/orange with blue barring. He's definitely going to be a stunner!


DOH: 10/15/23


RBBB AMBILOBE [♂]: (Wave Rider x Fire Stomper)- #1

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