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Classic Ambanja(s), Blue Ambanja, Ambato, Ankify, Djangoa, Sambirano

The Ambanja is the original rainbow panther chameleon. Their wide-range of colors consists of every color in the rainbow.  Furthermore, the Amabanja locale can technically be divided into numerous "sublocales" (e.g. Ambato, Ankify, Djangoa, Sambirano), which may account for the many Ambanja color morphs.

Traditional Green, "True Blue"

The Nosy Be is the first panther chameleon I ever saw, and it was love at first sight. They display a solid turqouise that can range from a lime-green to a cobalt-blue. When they are "fired up," they display dark black barring (or even purple) that is usually not visible at rest. My passion for panther chameleons all began when I saw my first Nosy Be. These teal chameleons have a special spot in my heart, and I would love for the world to see the many shades of Nosy Be. 

RBBB, YBBB, "Skittles"

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